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Athletic Eligibility Requirements

All parents of student-athletes must complete the ONLINE REGISTRATION process for each sport played. The online registration replaces all hard copies of forms. In addition, the steps highlighted below must be completed and verified by the Athletics Office. Once this is done, the student-athlete will have BLUE status.  Please allow 1-2 business days for this verification process to be conducted since all registrations must be checked for completion, grades and fees must be checked and physicals must be uploaded to student records. This happens manually, not automatically upon submission of the registration. Registrations that are submitted over the weekend will not be processed until the following Monday or Tuesday.
Please note: We no longer hand out actual blue cards. An athlete will be considered to have "blue status" once all the requirements are met. If a student is able to practice, but NOT eligible for competition, a SILVER status will be issued. Coaches will be made aware of each athlete's status. No participation of any kind is allowed if a student is not on the coach's list.

You may email Kim Dutelle at or call 970-3919 to verify that your your registration is complete and all requirements have been satisfied. The Athletics and Activities Office is open daily from 7:30 am-3:30 pm.

1) Use link above (available during the registration period) to complete online registration.

2) A valid physical dated after 4/1/18 must be on file. You can download a copy of the physical form (see below) or pick one up at the Athletics and Activities desk in the main office. If submitting a new physical this season, upload a copy during the online registration process or drop off a hard copy in the office.

3) Pay the athletic fee through RevTrak (note: lacrosse, hockey and ski/snowboard team members do not need to pay the school fee)



How to obtain "blue" status:

All incoming freshmen, new/transfer students and any student-athlete who did not participate in athletics at Waukesha West High School during the previous school year must attend our Freshmen/New Student Orientation Meeting, planned for August 13, 2019. During this meeting we'll discuss the Code of Conduct, WIAA Eligibility, and many other relevant topics. In addition, the following steps must be completed before a student is given BLUE status, allowing him/her to participate in a sport at Waukesha West. 

Step #1

Complete the online registration process (see link above once registration is open). During this process, the student-athlete and a parent/guardian will electronically sign off on the state-mandated concussion form and the School District of Waukesha Code of Conduct and will update health information.

Step #2

A physical must be on file for all student-athletes.  Most students submit a physical form, which may only be signed by a licensed physician, Physician's Assistant or Advanced Practice Nurse Prescriber, during their freshman and junior years.  Please reference the table below for valid dates in regard to all physicals.  Our online system allows families to either upload their physical during the registration process, but they can be turned into the athletics office if preferred. 

Physical Date Valid School Year(s)
After 4/1/18 2019-2020
After 4/1/2019 2019-2020 & 2020-2021

Step #3

Student-athletes must have a minimum 2.0 GPA with no more than one F/I.  When quarter and semester grades are available at a grade checkpoint, the more favorable grades for the student will be used to determine eligibility.  Incoming freshmen will not have their grades officially checked until the end of 1st quarter.

Step #4

A once-a-year $150 athletic fee must be paid in order for a student-athlete to participate in athletics at any level (with the exception of the following sports: hockey, lacrosse, ski/snowboard team).  There is no sport limit and no family cap.  If the student-athlete does not make the team, or chooses to leave the team prior to the first competition date, a full refund may be requested.  All fees are to be paid through RevTrak. If you are having difficulty finding this optional fee, please contact Kim Dutelle at 970-3919.

Step #5

Student-athletes should have no outstanding financial obligations owed to the school district at the time of registration.