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Welcome to the Waukesha Snowboard Racing Team Page!

Contact Information

Head Coach: AJ Catalanotte:  414-491-9938  -

Pat Johnston: 262-391-6160  -

Assistant Coaches:

Scott Komar:  262-442-5975  -

Team Managers: Tina Catalanotte  262-271-6577  -

Sarah Anderson: 262-361-2336  -

Member of Metro Milwaukee Snowboard Conference

2021 Men's and Women's Waukesha Snowboard Race Team

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2022 Race Event Schedule


Giant Slalom 1

Giant Slalom


Alpine Valley Resort


Slalom 1



Alpine Valley Resort


Giant Slalom 2

Giant Slalom


Alpine Valley Resort


Slalom 2



Alpine Valley Resort


Giant Slalom 3

Giant Slalom


Alpine Valley Resort


Slalom 3



Alpine Valley Resort


Boardercross 1



Alpine Valley Resort


Boardercross 2



Devil's Head Resort


Giant Slalom 3

Giant Slalom


Devil's Head Resort

02/06/2022 Slalom 3 Slalom   Devil's Head Resort


Mt. Lacrosse Cup (Additional fees -optional attendance)


  Mt. Lacrosse, Lacrosse, WI


Boardercross 3



Alpine Valley Resort


Boardercross 4



Alpine Valley Resort

02/15 - 2/16 2022

Futures Tour SBX (Additional fees - optional attendance)



Alpine Valley Resort

Feb 18-19

State Championships – Invite Only



Mt. Lacrosse, Lacrosse, WI

April 1st -  8th

National Championships – Invite Only



Copper Mt, Colorado

2020 Team Highlights

Final Conference Standings: 

Team Results:

Men’s Team: Conference Runner-Up in GS, SL and BX

Woman’s Team:  Conference Runner-Up in SL and GS

Individual Conference Final Top 10 (Men’s) and Top 5 (Woman’s) Results:

A.J. George (South):  4th SL, 2nd GS, 5th BX

Zach Simons (West): 7th SL, 9th GS, 10th BX

Leah Walters (West): 3rd SL, 2nd GS, 2nd BX

State Championship: 

Team Results:

Men's Team: 3rd place STATE Podium Finish

2nd in BX, 2nd in GS, 5th in SL -

Woman’s Team: 6th overall

Individual top 20’s for the day:

A.J. George (South): 6th BX, 6th GS, 7th SL- 6th overall

Zach Simons (West): 13th GS, 18th SL, - 16th overall

Kameron Komar (West): 16th BX, 17th GS

Joe Muren (West): 20th BX

2019 Team Highlights

Final Conference Standing: 

Team Conference Runner-up: Giant Slalom, Boardercross

Individual Top Tens:

Kameron Komar - 9th in GS, 9th in SL

Joe Muren - 10th in SBX

Calvin Hanke - 10th in SBX, 10th in GS

Leah Walters - 9th in SL, 6th in SBX


State Championships: 

Team: 6th place overall

Kameron Komar - awarded the Sportsmanship Award 

Top 20 individual finishes:
Leah Walters- 20th in GS
Calvin Hanke- 17th in SBX, 19th in GS and 15th OVERALL for the day!
Joe Muren- 18th in SBX
Joey DeCorte - 20th in SBX

2018 State Meet at Mt. LaCrosse

2018 Team Highlights:

Conference Standings: 

Mens Team - 2nd place in Slalom, Giant Slalom, and Boardercross

Ryan Adyniec- 2nd in SBX, 6th in SL, 7th in GS
Kameron Komar - 10th in SL, 
Bobby Lehmann- 5th in SBX
Joe Muren- 10th in SBX
Morgan Baker- 4th in SL, 4th in GS, 3rd in SBX

State Meet: 
Men’s Team- 7th in SL, 5th in SBX, and 6th in GS and overall they were 6th

Morgan was part of the Metro Combined Woman’s team who posted Team scores of 1st in SL and BX and 2 nd GS.... earning them 2nd place finish at STATE!! Congrats Morgan!!

Individual Top 20 finishes:
Ryan Adyniec - 8th over all, 8th in GS, 15th in SL, 10th in SBX
Kameron Komar- 19th in SL, 20th in GS
Morgan Baker- 18th in GS, 17th in SL, 12th in SBX

Congratulations to ALL our athletes!! Looking forward to Nationals and next year!!!


2016-2017 Results:

Team Results:

Conference Champions: Giant Slalom

Conference Runner Up: Slalom, Boardercross

Overall State Meet: 4th place

State Results: Boardercross – 5th, Giant Slalom – 3rd, Slalom – 5th

Individual Results:

Conference awards (Top ten):
Morgan Baker: 2nd SL, 3rd GS, 3rd SBX
Jon Lund: 4th SL, 1st GS, 6th SBX
Nathan Catalanotte: 2nd SL, 3rd, GS, 4th SBX
Ryan Adyniec: 6th GS, 7th SBX

State Awards (Top 20 finishes):

Giant Slalom: Jon Lund – STATE CHAMPION – 1st, Nathan Catalanotte – 5th, Morgan Baker – 12th

Slalom: Jon Lund – 5th, Nathan Catalanotte – 17th, Morgan Baker – 9th

Boarder Cross: Nathan Catalanotte – STATE CHAMPION – 1st, Jon Lund – 7th, Morgan – 12th

Overall Meet: Jon Lund – 2nd Place, Nathan Catalanotte – 4th Place, Morgan Baker – 9th Place

2015/2016 Team Highlights

Conference Team Champions - Giant Slalom

Conference Individual Giant Slalom Awards: Jon Lund 2nd, Nathan Catalanotte 3rd

Conference  Team Runner-up - Boardercross

Conference Iindividual Awards: Nathan Catalanotte 2nd, Jon Lund 5th

State Meet - Team Slalom - 2nd place

State Meet - Individual - State Boardercross Champion - Nathan Catalanotte

State Meet - Individual Overall  - 3rd place - Nathan Catalanotte