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Team Philosophy

Catholic Memorial Registration Information and forms

This is a link to the forms needed to register for the upcoming fall season.

8/14 - 8/16 Practice Homework


Watch this video on how to create fast underwaters.


View this video of Rebbeca Soni - Notice the quick kick, and look at how she pulls, high elbow forming a power triangle, and finishes in a streamlined position.


Watch Caleb Dressel swim the fly, notice his pull high elbows and his kick, look at how he finishes each kick., his body alignment with high hips.

Pull Pattern for Breaststroke

Butterfly Motion - always pressing forward

8/9 - 8/10 Practice Homework

In this week's practice, we will focus on Free and Backstroke, emphasizing breathing, pulling, and kicking. View the video and pictures to understand the concepts behind what the coaches are trying to teach.

Nathan Adrain Free  Video (notice he sneaks a breathe and doesn't break stroke)

Thurs - Focusing on Backstroke body position, pull and dolphin

Watch this video of Missy Frankin; notice the power triangle, the round back body position, and how she finishes her kick

Watch this video of Michel Phelps doing the dolphin kicks, notice how there is limited movement in the arms, and notice the quickness and movement of the legs. Try and count how many kicks he takes before the breakout.


Proper Body Position

On the pull notice the power triangle and the palm is facing the feet.

Power Triangel

We will be working on the Power Triangle

Good Kicking Technique

Example of good kicking technique

Example of Poor Kicking Tech.

Poor Kicking: Compare the pictures, What do you notice that is different?

Preseason work out part 1

Use this video for preseason exercise. The purpose of this video is shoulder injury prevention.

Preseason workout part 2

Shoulder stability workout videos

8/9 is the 1st day of Pracitce


Swim and Dive Sign Up/Contact Form

Sign Up Form Link

Swim Practice and Meet Schedules

Team Dinner Sign Ups


Christian Niven

Head Coach

Katie Scanlan

Assistant Coach

Christine Schmidt (Sobczyk)

Dive Coach

Suit and Cap Order Form

Swim Suit Order Link - Suits aren't available until August

  • User name: waukeshawest
  • Password:  high



Swim Equipment (optional)

Items that we will be using at practice

Snorkel (will be using)


Kick board (we have at pool)

Fins (we have some)

Tempo Trainer (we have a few)

Link to Team Store (swimoutlet)